Although the nature of our study was academic, it was never allowed to [be merely] theoretical. Professors consistently showed the practical implications of what was being taught for life 和 ministry.

I found it personally transformative.


研究生, MA in 圣经研究

Master of Arts in 圣经研究


For those who want to pursue further biblical studies to prepare for a 教学 ministry, this degree provides a solid platform to an MDiv or PhD. 为牧师, this degree provides advanced exegesis skill development 和 deeper theological underst和ing to equip laity for 更多的 effective service. The degree has a core of 30 小时 with 6个小时 of practical theology electives. It requires language proficiency in biblical 希腊 和 希伯来语.

Why pursue an MA in 圣经研究 at 线上赌钱充值官网地址?

  • 灵活性. Grad courses are completely online, from homework to live class sessions. No need to relocate or upset your schedule. Our degrees are designed with active pastors, missionaries, 和 lay ministers in mind.
  • 原始的语言. 希腊 和 希伯来语 exegesis courses are a core component of the degree. 学生 meet weekly with a professor to discuss their work as they translate 和 analyze a portion of Scripture from the original 希腊 or 希伯来语.
  • 认证. 度 are both regionally (HLC) 和 nationally (ABHE) accredited.
  • 神学. We are committed to the authority of God’s inerrant Word. We are Wesleyan-Arminian 和 passionate about the message of Spirit-filled, holy living.



  • hold an earned BA or equivalent (for example, a BS or BRE).
  • have completed 30 undergrad credits of Bible 和 神学.
  • have an undergrad GPA of 3.0或更大. However, applicants with a lower GPA will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A GRE test is not required.

If needed, undergrad Bible 和 神学 courses are 网上. For a list of suggested undergrad Bible 和 神学 courses, see the 研究生目录.


圣经研究 18个小时
神学的选修课 6个小时
注释的选修课 6个小时
Practical 神学的选修课 6个小时

We offer electives in the following areas:

总计 36个小时


Two semesters per year, Fall 和 春天.

学生 may take classes…

  • Full-time: 3 courses (9 credit 小时) per semester. 研究生 after 4 semesters.
  • Part-time: 1-2 courses (3-6 credit 小时) per semester. 研究生 after 6-12 semesters.

学生 went on to be a

  • 圣经的老师
  • 传教士
  • 博士生
  • MDiv学生
  • 田园顾问


参观 Masters 学费 page for up-to-date cost information.


学生 report spending 7-12 小时 weekly on homework for one graduate course.

金融援助 Options

  • FAFSA offers unsubsidized loans.
  • 线上赌钱充值官网地址 offers some scholarships. 参观 经济援助页面 for 更多的 information.




研究生 Program 日历


    • May  27th: 类 Convene
    • June 1st: Fall Application Deadline
    • July 1-6th: Summer Break
    • July 15th: Fall 登记 Deadline
    • July 27th: 类 End


    • August 12th: 类 Convene
    • August 17th: Add/Drop Deadline
    • September 28th: Withdrawal Deadline
    • October 20-26th: Break for Aldersgate论坛
    • November 24-30th: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 1st: 春天 Application & 登记 Deadline

    For 更多的 important dates the the “日历.


    We are accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)和 Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). 明白为什么 两者都有.